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This is a map of the most recurring Romanian family names, computed over different areas of the country. Feel free to zoom in or even look up your own name using the search field below.

The project maintains an index of 2.700.000 families from 3.800 cities & villages and contains over 130.000 unique names.

The app has been developed using Ruby on Rails 3 + HAML + CoffeeScript + Google Maps API v3 and deployed over Capistrano + Git. The names index has been generated by crawling and parsing an online phone book using a couple of scripts written in PHP5.3.

If you have any suggestions or just want to report a bug, you can reach me at nume [at] ottomotor [dot] ro.

(c) Florin LIPAN, 2012

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Developing new features requires time, hosting the names map requires money. Through your donation, you help deliver new features and keep the app online for as long as it's interesting to someone :)